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SharePoint Custom List Definition Feature
Prototype for creating a list using a list definition easily by just replacing few GUIDs, information about list and adding fields as required.

For creating a new custom list feature Open following files all together in the Notepad++ (you can open it in Notepad or any similar tool as well),
  • Manifest.xml
  • Wsp.ddf
  • Feature.xml
  • Elements.xml
  • Schema.xml

Now replace the “YourFeature” text with the name of the List (e.g. “MyCustomListFeature”) you want to create without any space in it.
Once all renaming has been done, you need to change GUID ID in following files,
  • Manifiest.xml
  • Feature.xml
  • Schema.xml

You have to change GUID of each single Custom Field in section “<Fields>” in <MetaData>. Once that done You need to add <Fieldrefs> in <ContentType> for the custom fields you added in the <field> (ONLY if there is any ContentType exists in Metadata of respective list) and at last you need to add another <Fieldref> in <ViewField> which can be found in BaseViewId= “1” or the view you want to display this Specific field in.

Once steps mentioned above have been completed you can click on Build.cmd which will get you a package file in bin folder, and then you can click on “deployList1Feature” or the list name you renamed file to, and it will deploy your solution, Now all you have to do is, go to “Site Actions” then Site Settings followed by “Site Collection Features” and find + activate your feature and it’s all Done.

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